Univers Iol- UV Gel


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(UV-Gel)is a kind of transparent viscoelastic solution of high viscidity made of non-protein polymeric carbohydrate,with the pH value of 6.7~7.4,approaching the physical pH of the human body,and the dynamic viscosity 6000-8500mpa·s,which is used in cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation surgeries to maintain a deep chamber during anterior segment surgeries and coat the operation instruments and in other eye surgeries.
1.HPMC is made of pure natural plant cellulose which is transparent,odorless,compatible,none of protein and free of causing inflammation.
2.It has low surface stress and well-spreading,which can protect ophthalmology structure and corneal endothelium from being damaged during operation with stable anterior space to satisfy the successful surgery.
3.HPMC has low molecular weight and fine hydrated nature,98% of the HPMC residual can discharge out from trabecula net.
4.It is stored at normal temperature and needless of cold keeping.